Bathtub Ideas For A Trendy Bathroom

Modern homeowners, as well as designers, have a lot of emphasis placed on color schemes and style for bathrooms and other rooms around the house. Standalone bathtubs have become an interesting development as a solution for your bathroom, so they make for a different approach to an otherwise boring room of your home.

A colorful bathtub will not only add more life to your bathroom, but it will also help with the color scheme of the entire space as well. No matter what path you decide to take, one thing is that these bathtubs will not be of the boring kind and you will have a truly unique experience for your home. Just note that you will also need to look for a practical blend between style and materials that are easy for bathroom cleaning, so choose wisely.

There is a good reason why most painted bathtubs are reinvigorated and repainted older claw-foot style bathtubs. A simple paint job on one of these classic tubs will be a great way to make a solution that is solid, long lasting and stylish without much effort involved. Claw feet can also be painted in a different color and even a more neutral one to create an interesting solution for your needs. Tubs may come in many varieties and styles, each of which may have its own classic rim top, flat rim top and a slipper tub. In the end, the results will be classy and memorable.


Using Antique Claw Foot Bathtubs

Purchasing a real antique claw-foot style bathtub is a pretty expensive move however, so get ready to spend a pretty penny. Modern replicas are a much cheaper approach, as well as allowing you to experiment with the paint job as well. If you plan on having a more contemporary bathroom, then you should go for a softer pastel-colored approach. Gray and black bathtubs will look more modern than anything else, so keep that in mind when you work.